Meet the Staff at Stanmore Chiropractic - Dr. Greenfield & Team

About Us

Stanmore Chiropractic clinic was established in April 2009 from the merging of two busy clinics in the Bushey and Mill Hill areas.

Complementing this approach, the clinic is also able to offer acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Deep Tissue Massage, Chiropody/Podiatry and Neuromuscular rehabilitation, and much more.

Rehabilitation and core stability training may also be part of your health program if necessary. It is one of the objectives of the clinic to ensure that whatever your health issue, you are accurately diagnosed and thereby directed to the most appropriate practitioner for your complaint or to a therapy of your preference.

If your practitioner determines your health concern cannot be addressed completely within the clinic, the centre has an excellent referral system to outstanding medical specialists, dentists/ orthodontists, nutritionists, and personal trainers with whom the team work closely.


Our team is approachable and welcomes any inquiries regarding the therapies offered or questions about any way they can help you maximize your health! The clinic provides a range of complementary therapies which enables us to address your health care needs with a holistic approach. In this clinic we provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Your well-being is our priority.


Our Therapists




Hema Patel, Podiatrist/Chiropodist



Sandy Farma, Podiatrist/Chiropodist

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Leila Bux, Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner (Fertility & Obstetric Specialist)

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         Lionel Sinclair,



Our Team


Joanne Freeman, Practice Manager

Mandy Cohen, Receptionist

Linda Izasars, Receptionist


Susan Sabel, Receptionist